Posted December 14th, 2022

How To Land Your Dream Dental Assistant Job In Houston, Texas

Are you looking to land your dream dental assistant job in Houston, Texas? Becoming a dental assistant can be an exciting and rewarding career. It may sound a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of steps to help ensure you find the training and experience you need to find the best dental assistant jobs Houston offers.

Houston offers countless opportunities for people like you who are interested in a career in dental care. With thousands of dental offices located within the city limits, dental assistant job seekers can find work with large dental corporations or small independent practices. And luckily, there are many dental assistant jobs in Houston, TX, to choose from.

Join us as we explore the different aspects of dental assisting, including the dental assistant job description, entry-level dental assistant jobs to choose from, what to expect when working in Houston as a dental assistant, and how to find your dream dental assistant job!

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

The main function of a dental assistant is to help dentists provide quality dental care to their patients. Dental assistants also help dental professionals perform dental treatments and procedures in a safe and efficient manner. For example, they may provide support during dental examinations and specialized dental processes such as root canals or dental implants.

Dental assistants often also assist with administrative tasks such as filing paperwork, scheduling appointments, reception, and ordering supplies, while also providing direct patient care and patient education under the supervision of the dentist. Because the dental assistant job is so hands-on, dental assistants must have excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with patients and other staff members.

If working directly with dental patients alongside professional dentists and other dental professionals sounds like a great way to spend your day, becoming a dental assistant may be a great choice for you!

Landing Dental Assistant Jobs in Houston: Key Steps to Take

There are several key steps to take to ensure you find the best dental assistant jobs Houston offers, and we’ve compiled a list for you to use as a guide. If you really want to land a dream job as a dental assistant, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find A Top-Tier Dental Assistant School
  2. First, you’ll need to find a dental assistant school in Houston that fits your needs and interests. Research available programs near you to compare course requirements and certifications offered. Look for schools with good reputations and high success rates of placing alumni into dental assistant positions after graduation.

    There are many dental assistant schools to choose from, so it’s important to do your research and find a school that will help you become a top candidate in the industry. Houston Dental Assistant Academy offers a 12-week program designed to prepare students with all the skills they need using a powerful curriculum taught by passionate and knowledgeable school instructors who are excited to help students succeed in the field.

  3. Research Dental Care Certification Exams
  4. Once you've chosen a school, learn about the different types of dental care certification exams that are offered in Houston. These exams evaluate dental assistant knowledge and skills, such as dental terminology, dental anatomy and physiology, dental materials, dental health systems, and clinical procedures. Become familiar with the exam content so you can confidently demonstrate your dental assistant aptitude on test day.

  5. Network Within the Program and in the Area
  6. Many dental assistant schools offer opportunities to network with students, teachers, counselors, and other staff to find dental assistant opportunities in your area. Take advantage of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals within the dental field. Speak with school staff about job placement opportunities, where to apply, and best practices for having successful interviews.

    Next, reach out to local dentists in Houston, Texas, and make connections with them via email or social media. Ask for advice and tips on how to get started in the dental assistant industry and inquire about job openings. You may be surprised by how helpful others in the industry will be!

  7. Develop a Solid Resume, Cover Letter, and References
  8. Upon graduating from a dental assistant school and obtaining your BLS (CPR) card, and your RDA license, spend some time perfecting your resume and cover letter. Put together a well-structured dental assistant resume, including your education, experience, unique skills, and professional references. You may want to have someone from your school help you compile all of the necessary documents to ensure you stand out amongst applicants.

    Make sure to highlight your dental assistant experience and any other related certifications or training that you may have. Remember that there are many duties involved in being a dental assistant, so any relevant experience should be noted. Remember to get some references from your dental assistant school, too!

  9. Start the Application Process
  10. Once you’ve graduated and are officially certified, you can start applying in your area. Now that you’ve put together your regime and cover letter, it’s time to put them to use. You may want to start by reaching out to dental offices in Houston, TX that offer dental assistant jobs with no experience and entry-level dental assistant jobs. Be sure to include all of the information requested by a potential employer, follow directions closely, and always follow up!

  11. Attend Job Fairs in Houston
  12. If you want to increase the likelihood of landing your dream job as soon as possible, you’ll want to take advantage of any local job fairs in Houston, Texas. These can be a great way to meet employers face-to-face, present your resume and find out about available job opportunities–all in one place!

Good Luck, Future Dental Assistant

If you’re serious about landing your dream dental assistant job in Houston, Texas, follow these steps and don’t give up. With a little hard work and determination, you can be on your way to achieving success in the dental field.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a reputable dental assistant school in Houston to complete your training, check out Houston Dental Assistant Academy and apply today!

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