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Looking For A Career Change In Houston, Texas? Here’s Why Dental Assisting May Be The Job You’re Looking For

Finding a career you love isn’t something that comes easy to everyone. Some people are lucky enough to find a dream job early on in their career, but for many people, it takes some trial and error. If you’re looking for a career change in the Houston, Texas, area, dental assisting may be the job you’re looking for.

Feel like starting a new career at 40 is crazy? Think again. The world has changed its view of what’s “normal” regarding what a person’s career path is supposed to look like. And anyway, it’s your life; if whatever you’re doing now isn’t bringing you the fulfillment you desire, why not try something new?

If you want to learn about what dental assistants do and why becoming a dental assistant is an excellent option for a career change at 40, a career change at 50, career changes for nurses, and more, you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your potential new career choice so that you can make an educated decision. Let’s get started!

What Dental Assistants Do

If a career as a dental assistant sounds intriguing, it’s essential first to understand what dental assistants do and where you can take your career. Dental assistants are an integral part of dental teams, supporting dental professionals in various tasks. Dental assistants can gain knowledge and experience in multiple areas, from dental hygiene to administrative and clinical duties. It is an excellent career choice for those looking to make a career change or enter into a new career in dental health care.

Dental assistants are an integral part of dental teams, supporting dental professionals in various tasks.

Working as a dental assistant includes helping dentists with dental procedures such as filling cavities, cleaning teeth, and taking x-rays. Other responsibilities often include discussing treatment plans with patients, scheduling appointments, sterilizing dental instruments, and assisting during surgeries. Dental assistants also play a critical role in patient education by instructing them on proper brushing techniques and preventive care methods like flossing daily, etc.

If any of the above sounds intriguing, read on to discover why dental assisting might be your next career.

Types of Dental Assistants

There are several types of dental assistant positions to pursue as part of your career change. The most common type of dental assistant is the chairside dental assistant, who is responsible for preparing patients and helping dentists during procedures. Procedure preparation often includes sterilizing instruments, setting up trays with supplies, taking X-rays and impressions, and more. And, of course, additional responsibilities include instructing patients on proper oral hygiene techniques and answering any questions about their dental care.

Some dental assistants specialize in orthodontic or periodontal work or lab work. For example, orthodontic dental assistants help orthodontists in their practices. They prepare patients for visits, take X-rays and impressions, and assist with adjustments of appliances. On the other hand, periodontal dental assistants focus more on periodontal disease prevention and treatment, helping dentists diagnose and treat gum diseases. Lab work dental assistants are typically responsible for creating crowns, bridges, veneers, and other prosthetic devices from molds made by the dentist or lab technician.

No matter which type of dental assistant you choose to pursue as a career change, you will be an integral part of any dental office or practice.

Why Dental Assisting is a Great Career Change

If you’re wondering if dental assisting is a good career choice, you can rest assured that it’s an in-demand job with plenty of growth opportunities. You can start as a dental assistant and grow your career from there. And right now, dental assistants are needed in dental offices across the country but don’t take our word for it.


If that doesn’t get you excited about a new career change, we don’t know what will! And if that’s not enough to entice you to start a new career as a dental assistant, here are a few more benefits:

  1. Short (and Affordable) Training Programs

    There are many dental assistant training programs with varying lengths, but generally, your training will be shorter than obtaining a college degree. For example, at Houston Dental Assistant Academy, the program is just 12 weeks long. They offer affordable tuition and flexible payment plans, too.

  2. Dependable Pay and Benefits

    Working as a dental assistant is a great way to achieve financial stability. When you begin working in a Houston dental office, you’ll receive regular paychecks and a salary that usually includes health benefits.

  3. Flexible and Low-Stress

    You’ll work with patients, dentists, and other dental office professionals in a low-stress environment. Plus, you get to help people improve their oral health! Dental assistant schedules are often flexible, which makes it possible to create that ideal life-work balance.

Looking to Get Started as a Dental Assistant?

Getting started as a dental assistant in Houston, TX, is simple. Yes, it requires commitment and a bit of hard work. But it won’t leave you with a pile of debt; it will leave you with a mountain of opportunities! Here are the simple steps to starting a new career in dental assisting at any age:

  1. 1. Apply to a Top Dental Assistant School in Houston

    There are many quality dental assistant programs in the Houston area, but none are quite like Houston Dental Assistant Academy. Houston Dental Assistant Academy offers a 12-week program designed to prepare students with all the skills to succeed in the dental field. Take a look at what they offer those seeking a career change to dental assisting, and apply today.

  2. 2. Choose a Hybrid Dental Assistant Program

    Hybrid classes make it easy to fit dental assisting training into your schedule. Houston Dental Academy’s hybrid training program allows students to build confidence in their knowledge through online homework resources, modules, and readings and master their technique in a real office on the weekends, with repetition and guidance from the instructors.

  3. 3. Find a Hands-On Externship In Houston for Real-World Experience

    Having an externship under your belt when you graduate from dental assistant school will help you feel fully prepared when applying for dental assistant jobs, giving you an edge over the competition. So when you’re searching for a dental assistant training program in Houston, consider the value of a program that includes an externship. Houston Dental Assistant Academy’s training program features a 40-hour externship portion, where students get the real-world experience they need to become confident and qualified dental assistants.

  4. 4. Start Applying for Dental Assistant Jobs in Houston, TX

    Applying for a job as a dental assistant may seem a little scary at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. The key is to ensure you have everything organized before you start applying. Compile a list of your skills, experience, and references ahead of time. That way, when it comes time to apply, you know where everything is. Write a cover letter that you can edit to fit the dental office you are applying to so you have that ready to go.

  5. 5. Celebrate Your New Career Change

    Changing careers is no easy feat. It takes hard work, determination, and dedication. Once you’ve graduated from dental assistant school and have your applications out to a few dental offices, it’s time to give yourself some credit for all your hard work. Once you’ve made it this far, all that’s left to do is find your first job and celebrate the very first step of a successful career.

Begin Your Dental Assistant Career at Houston Dental Assistant Academy

Houston Dental Assistant Academy was founded to allow students to become dental assistants without the burden of student debt or years of schooling, all while providing all the skills, training, and requirements needed to enter the local workforce. Learn more about what makes Houston Dental Assistant Academy unique at


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